Our aim is to help you in your daily activity through the supply of IPV4 addresses.

Since 2016 we are registered broker with  ARIN (TB-704 ), APNIC (BRENACTHOMAS-AP), LACNIC (FR-BREU-LACNIC [RT-REGISTRO #131076]).  Our RIPE NCC contract is visible here:

Our obligations are clearly established and our goal is to match your need for IP resources with the market offer and secure a transaction between two companies that have never had a relationship with each other before. We also conduct inter-RIR transfer (RIPE/ARIN/APNIC and LACNIC)

If you are selling IPs: we help you to find the adequate buyer at reasonnable price and ensure a secured and smooth transaction.


  • Understand your request in IPV4 address (Size, class, equivalent subnet (eg two /19 instead of a /18 etc etc), min-max budget.
  • Explain the process and answer questions so that both Parties have a full understanding of the process and timeline. 
  • Search and secure  the seller subnet, due dilligence and intermediary of financial negotiation.
  • Establishment and control of RIPE / ARIN /APNIC / LACNIC  transfer documents, preparation for transfer (deletion of route-object, administrative correspondence checks)
  • Establishment of a secure system of financial flow through a trusted third party or direct contract.
  • Follow-up of the financial transaction,
  • Initialization and control with RIPE / ARIN /LACNIC / APNIC of the transfer of subnet.
  • Closing the transaction when the RIPE / ARIN /LACNIC / APNIC database is up to date with your details and ensure seller is paid.


Our commission is paid by the financial flow. So if the transaction fails because of the seller you owe us nothing ! If transaction fails because of the buyer, buyer loose the Escrow fees. Our rate is between 3 and 5% , the smaller the higher.


We have moved more than 1 Million IPv4 in 2019, 4 Millions in 2020 and 98%+ of our clients are returning customers. We are available over the phone (GMT+1)  +33686263575 or by email and have a high sense of customer (and supplier) satisfaction.  We like to provide personalized consultancy service.