As a listed broker, despite being fully independant, we share RIPE NCC key values: Inclusiveness, Engagement, Transparency and Coordination.

From our first agreement with RIPE NCC back in 2018 we developped our activity in other RIR, becoming a registered facilitator in ARIN (America), APNIC (Asia Pacific) and LACNIC (latin America).

We secure transactions for both buyers and sellers in the best way possible and we use several tools along with a good sense of experience and expertise to ensure that sellers and buyers are empowered to transfer the subnet and are reliable.

We also ensure that the financial transaction is secured and that the payment is done automatically when the relevant RIR database is updated with the new organisation name (Org-Id). Based on the country of origin of the seller and buyer we use Transpact or bank wire is an alternative.

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With low minimum fees and pricing as low as 0.89%, is cheaper than credit cards and many other payment methods. transactions are safe and final.

Creating an account with is free but can take a few days. Prepare yourself by opening an account as soon as your IPv4 sourcing project takes shape. There again we are here to help !

Note as a general statement that all transfers are final and prefix cannot be returned. There is now warranty applicable and BRENAC EURL cannot be liable for the usage of the IPs prior transfer.