Brenac ipv4 broker
5 June 2020



PARIS June 5th. Continuing its development BRENAC IPv4 is set to sponsor the APNIC 50 meeting from 8 to 10 September Live from Australia. Just like RIPE 80, the APNIC 50 will be online only (when initially planned in Dhaka with  ISPAB (Internet Service Providers Association of Bangladesh). This important event allow BRENAC IPv4 to meet with the audience and present its consulting and IPv4 brokering services.

The conference brings together Internet and networking experts, government representatives, industry leaders, and other interested parties from around the world to attend workshops, conference sessions, tutorials, discuss policies, and extend their social and professional networks with like-minded peers. For this 50th edition around 2000 participants covering the whole APNIC footprint is expected.

BRENAC IPv4 broker operate worldwide and is the only facilitator in the world operating simultaneously in all the RIRs.

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