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10 April 2020

afrinic exhaustion

AFRINIC has announced that they soon will run out of IPv4 addresses.

Will less than 1.5 Million IPv4 addresses in their pool AFRINIC foresee an end of the allocation. This will occur during the year 2020.

The basic allocation is now a /22 (1024 Addresses) and will conduct due diligence for new request for resources, ensuring that previous allocation is used at least at 90%.

AFRINIC available subnets are here

The AFRINIC RIR does not have, like the other RIRs a Broker/Facilitator activity or dedicated policy. However we at BRENAC Ipv4 broker are member of AFRINIC and able to supply resources in confidence.

April 2020

31 January 2020


In AFRINIC there is an ongoing investigation due to suspiscion of fraud. Price WaterHouse Cooper dropped them in January 2020, with suspicion of an insider stealing IPv4 from the free pool to resell on the black market. We are not operating in AFRINIC, even if we are an associate member, and maybe it is better like that. If you want to have a detailed information of what is going on with AFRINIC we recommend this article.

Edit:  AFRINIC is now claiming back the stolen IPv4 resources: READ

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